Sunday, January 7, 2007

The mysterious color that lets you see videos!!!

I was just fooling around on my computer and I came across a strange color. Whenever you have a video playing in Windows Media Player, this color will become transparent no matter what program you are in, and let you see through to the video.

You probably don't understand what I am talking about. Let me give you a few examples. Don't close your browser right now, because this REALLY WORKS!

Example 1:

Open Windows Media Player, start playing a video, and resize it so it takes up a large portion of the screen. (I have tested this with .avi and .wmv and they both work.) It must take up the same area of the screen as the box below. Now, without minimizing Windows Media Player, go down to your taskbar and open up your browser. If the video is positioned correctly, you should see your video in the image below (scroll up and down until you can see your video.)

Example 2: (Paint)

Open up paint. Click colors > edit colors > define custom colors. Then type these color values and click OK....

Now play a video in Windows Media Player and have it take up a large portion of the screen. Switch back into paint without minimizing WMP. Now take any tool in paint and start drawing. You will see your video playing whereever you drew.

Example 3: (Photoshop)

Open up Photoshop and do the same thing you did in example 2, but type these values into the color picker: